About Me

I'm Ken Trajanowski. I was born in Whitinsville Hospital and started my education at Plummers School. Being a "baby boomer", I can remember the time when Whitin Machine Works was a healthy vital part of the town of Northbridge Massachusetts. Both my grandfathers who immigrated to the United States in the early part of the 20th century were employed by "The Shop".
Their sons and daughters at one time or another were also employed there. The tradition followed when my two brothers and I worked there.

Back in my childhood, The Shop provided not only income, but community activities and spirit. Riding in a car on Main Street, you were greeted by the chatter of the machines running. When the shifts changed, the streets quickly became busy with workers making their way home. There were no traffic lights at Memorial Square. A policeman conducted traffic, sorting out the temporary gridlock.

If you have similar memories, the Spindle will evoke them. However, you need not be a baby boomer to enjoy what the Spindle offers you. Even when you read the early issues, you'll recognize the surnames of people you know. It gives a fascinating look into your grandfather's, great-grandfather's and maybe even great-great grandfather's employment.

I thought that I would try to make this available to you by scanning and creating this website. I will add more and more issues as time goes on. If you find that you enjoy this site, please let others know about it. You are under no obligation to pay for downloading or viewing, but if you would like to buy me a cup of coffee, it is appreciated. This is a NOT FOR PROFIT site.

Thank you and enjoy!

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